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Hello, my name is Whitney Sulimoff and I'm so glad you're here.

My passion for pursuing life to the fullest started when I decided to become an entrepreneur. Yes, it was a choice I made when I was 26 years old to pave my own path in life.

I had always been a good academic student; I got good grades, went to college, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSUF with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. It was during this time in college, when I had the opportunity to live abroad in Rome, Italy.

Discovering the vastness of the world at this young age really opened up my mind to the infinite possibilities we like to call, our lives. 

After returning from my pivotal trip, I was energized, renewed, and excited about the future of my path. Somewhere in between the excitement, I fell back into the societal standards of constant work and production. 

By the time I graduated college, I had realized that I actually didn't want a career in the field of which I held my degree. I decided to climb the corporate ladder for the retail giant I had been working with since I was 18 years old. For the next 8 years, I did just that. I worked hard. Weekends. Holidays. Nights. No consecutive days off. I began to question "is this it???" 

At 26 I decided I was going to start working on escaping the rat race. I took my passion for fashion, and started selling vintage clothing on Etsy. I created my business plan, saved a lot of money, and after two years I opened a physical clothing boutique in Huntington Beach in 2014. 

Opening that store was like jumping off the cliff of entrepreneurship; You really don't know what to expect or how to deal with the problems you will face.....But you quickly find ways to figure it out. You can plan for it, but nothing beats experience.

A month before I quit my corporate job and opened the boutique, I lost my Dad. Nothing prepares you for losing a parent. And nothing prepares you for starting a business. I encountered both within weeks of each other. This pain, this heartache, this sadness was all channeled into the fire that now burns within me. This fragility of life, and death, compelled me to lead a new life of purpose.  

Stay afloat and survive, or drown and die.

Enter Living Water

I have 2 mantras I live by:

#1. You meet people for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

#2. If you know about living water, you are lucky. If you have access to living water, you are blessed. And if you decide to educate and share living water with the world, you are chosen.

I truly believe these mantras. When living water came into my life, I was deflated and exhausted in all areas of my existance. The introduction of this vibrational and yes, living water changed my entire trajectory. When my friend Vanessa came into my life, she introduced this water to me out of compassion. She saw my struggles, and she knew it could help me. I thank God for Vanessa being placed into my life for both a reason and a lifetime.

I sold my boutique right before the start of the pandemic in Spring 2020. I turned my space into an educational water boutique where I was able to impact thousands of lives around the world with something as simple as, water.

I am not just an entrepreneur, I am a visionary. What this water can do for the collective human race has yet to be seen. But this is why I am here today and so extremely passionate about educating you on this subject.

Since my discovery of this incredible gift, I've been able to help thousands globally. I connect people who have health and financial problems to solutions. I connect them to water. I connect them back to themselves.

The more people I help, the more I get paid.

The more I get paid, the more time freedom I have.

The more time freedom I possess, I can give back to my family and social causes that are important to me.

But don't get confused; the money is amazing, but true success is the ability to live life on your terms, nobody else's. To create a reality in your mind and then get to execute on that; that's called the magic of you.

Your value in life is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

I know crazy right? Something so simple as water.

If you've made it this far, I'd like to congratulate you.

I'd also like to welcome you, to come take a look at what I have to offer within this community and abroad.

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